An outrageous battle of booty wiggling and bottom jiggling in a bid to secure the title of Donohues Australia’s Best Butt!

Donohues Australia’s Best Butt

It all started when a power outage happened during a live Mental As Anything set at the Julia Creek Dirt n Dust Festival. Instead of panic, someone had the bright idea of grabbing a torch and starting a dance competition… and so began one of the toughest events over the Dirt n Dust weekend – Australia’s Best Butt!

It’s all about having good, clean, outrageous fun! Contestants are required to remain fully clothed during the competition and put all of their efforts into their tush dancing, crowd-pleasing antics!

Donohues, who has been outfitting Australian butts with the very best denim for over 50 years, has signed on this year to be the sponsor for the cheeky competition.

Winning the supreme glory of having Donohues Australia’s Best Butt is the aim of the game and for those who would rather sit back and enjoy the show, the important task of deciding who wins falls to them, as they show support for their mates and the greats up on stage.

Registrations can be filled out on the night for your chance to be crowned the Donohues Best Butt Winner of 2017!

Registrations will open approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the heat. Competitors are required to be over 18, remain fully clothed (anyone ‘stripping’ will be immediately disqualified) and dance on the Main Stage in turns to compete for the crown. The prizes are of high calibre and include prizes for both male and female ‘Best Butts’!


2012: Saskia Smith and Nathan Young
2013: Aleesha Kelland and Tom Curley
2014: Aimie Athorn and John Gray
2015: Karla Sollitt and Calem Fegan
2016: Dempsey Currin and Harry Mounsey

Stay tuned for the 2017 winners!

Event Details

There’s always a few new moves we haven’t seen before and it never fails to make the crowd laugh!

Want in on the Action?

Plenty of prizes!

A chance to be crowned ‘Donohues Australia’s Best Butt’!

Just jiggle and dance your way to the top!

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