Join Rick, Jamie, Starlo, Caroline and Ben as they head out on our own adventures in search of that next great track, that next prize fish, or even that elusive perfect campsite. But above all else, always remember one thing – the best adventures start in your own backyard!

Offroad Adventure Show

This year the Dirt n Dust Festival will welcome national 4WD travel TV show Offroad Adventure Show! This will be the first time Julia Creek and the Festival will be highlighted by this nationally broadcast adventure program.

For years the Dirt n Dust Festival has attracted 4WD enthusiasts from all over the country to come experience the Outback and travel along the iconic Overlanders Way. This year the Festival organisers have encouraged everyone to take the road trip over the Overlanders Way with Pit Stop to the Creek, highlighting all the amazing towns and attractions along the historic route out to Julia Creek and beyond. And Channel 10 has stood up and taken notice!

The Offroad Adventure Show will be filming a special episode based around the iconic Festival as they travel to the best offroading sites on the way out to Julia Creek. 

Offroad Adventure reckon an adventure is all about trying new things, making new discoveries, and learning a little about yourself every time you head out. These are things that turn a trip into an adventure.

The show is committed to sharing that addiction, that passion for the outdoors, and that never-ending quest for the ultimate offroad adventure with you!








Rick is certainly no stranger to the outdoor and off road community. With almost a decade’s worth of experience in the offroad aftermarket industry, Rick has an intimate knowledge of what consumers want, and how they go about getting it. In years gone by, Rick has occupied the Editor’s role with Extreme 4WD Magazine, and more recently as the Associate Editor and DVD presenter with Australia’s top selling motoring title, 4WD Action, not to mention appearances on such popular TV shows as What’s Up Down Under, 4WD TV, Sydney Weekender and Morning’s With Kerri Anne. But Rick’s passion is not only in the 4WDing arena. Rick has been an avid fisho all of his life and in the past has competed in many fishing tournaments in his home state of NSW. Rick’s vast knowledge of so many facets of the outdoors lifestyle makes him the perfect host for The Offroad Adventure Show.



When he isn’t behind the wheel of his trusty Defender 110 Jamie is helping other 4WDers set up their vehicles so they can get out there themselves. Jamie’s passion is anything to do with Aussie bush history and culture, from his avid interest in indigenous culture through to his passion for mining history and explorers, if its old and has a great story, thats where you’ll find Jamie. Jamie brings truckloads of touring experience to the Offroad Adventure Show team and is just a bloody good bloke to have around!


A trip you will remember

Don’t take our word for it, but there is plenty more to see and do in Julia Creek and the surrounds! Once you arrive into Julia Creek, head down and see Katrina and Georgia at the award-winning At The Creek information centre for a full update on some of the experiences you can have right here!

Event Location

Julia Creek Queensland Australia

Travel Time

Brisbane: 17 hrs Townsville: 7 hrs Rockhampton: 13 hrs 19 mins

Travel Guide
Avg. Temperture

High 40°C / Low 10°C

Things to see along the way
More About Julia Creek

Julia creek has a public library, visitor and cultural centre, swimming pool, tennis courts, parks as well as a sports centre.

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