Julia Creek Dirt & Dust Festival provides the focal point in the magnificent month of April for our many visitors who gather and celebrate, before heading out to explore or work in our glorious outback

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Getting There:

Julia Creek is located 650km west of Townsville and 250km east of Mount Isa along the Flinders Highway, affectionately known as The Overlander’s Way!

The best ways to travel to the Julia Creek Dirt n Dust Festival is via self-drive which gives you an opportunity to see all of our mates in the towns along the way. Each town has a special characteristic and something amazing for you to see, so why not take your time and have a gander!

If driving isn’t your thing, you can fly into Julia Creek via Regional Express airlines. There are flights every Monday, Wednesday and Friday that come in from Townsville or Mount Isa. Check out their website for more details.

There is also a bus operating service that drives into town regularly via Bus Queensland. Check out the individual websites for more information on when these services currently operate.

There is also the Inlander train option. The Inlander departs Townsville Thursday and Sunday at 12.40pm arriving into Julia Creek the next day at approx 1.50pm Departing Julia Creek on Monday and Friday at 9pm, arriving back into Townsville at 10.10am the next day. For more information visit www.queenslandrailtravel.com.au


There are a number of Accommodation options of available for your stay in Julia Creek. Unfortunately all motels/hotels are booked out well in advance. But don’t let that deter you, there are a number of great options available.

Tent City: Located about 1km from Dirt n Dust Central (where all of the action happens), Tent City is a great option for those travelling without room for their camping gear. This is all pre-erected for you, and includes full comfortable bedding, linen, pillow and towel so you only need to bring your bag.  Showers and Toilets are located on site  and includes transfers between venues. Breakfast is included on both Saturday and Sunday Morning.

McIntyre Park Camping: Perfect for those who have already got all of their camping gear, McIntyre Park is conveniently located less than 1km from Dirt n Dust Central and right next to the Julia Creek Turf Club. Showers and Toilets are located on site and we offer a gold-coin donation transfer that runs between venues all weekend.

Julia Creek Caravan Park: The Julia Creek Caravan Park is a great alternative for those wanting powered sites over the weekend. There are limited powered van sites and powered grass sites (for motorhomes and general campers) that can be booked over the weekend. The Caravan Park is conveniently located next to Tent City and about 1km from Dirt n Dust Central. All bookings must be made directly through the Caravan Park.

Adventure Australia Trek and Tours: This is a fantastic opportunity to explore the QLD Outback and what better time to do it than with the whole family.  Get the most out of the Outback’s premium sites with a mix of history, adventure and country hospitality all thrown  together. For more information, click here.

A trip you will remember

Don’t take our word for it, but there is plenty more to see and do in Julia Creek and the surrounds! Once you arrive into Julia Creek, head down and see Katrina and Georgia at the award-winning At The Creek information centre for a full update on some of the experiences you can have right here!

Event Location

Julia Creek Queensland Australia

Travel Time

Brisbane: 17 hrs Townsville: 7 hrs Rockhampton: 13 hrs 19 mins

Travel Guide
Avg. Temperture

High 40°C / Low 10°C

Things to see along the way
More About Julia Creek

Julia creek has a public library, visitor and cultural centre, swimming pool, tennis courts, parks as well as a sports centre.

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