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06 Jan 2020

Ready to TRI for festival love?


Could you meet the love of your life at the Dirt n Dust Festival South 32 2020 sprint triathlon? Will your eyes meet as you stagger dusty, dirty, exhausted and exhilarated across the finish line?  

If you test your mettle against an 800m swim through muddy creeks, a 25km cycle along barren highways and a 5km run in the searing heat, it could be the perfect way to meet and fall in love with someone who has gone through every gruelling minute of it with you.

 Perhaps your dream partner is going to blow you away in ‘Australia’s Best Butt Competition’, where guys and girls will wiggle, jiggle and shake their denim-clad derrieres for this coveted prize. Or maybe your heart will go pitter-patter watching them take on the zero-visibility muck fest that is the Bog Snorkelling event. It could be that the high-adrenaline thrill of Hutchinsons PBR Bullriding is what makes you go weak at the knees, as you watch your future beloved fly through the air after being flung by a snorting, stamping bull.

 After all that excitement, you can let your hair down and dance the night away to live acts, and you never know, the person of your dreams could be waiting for you under a starlit sky with an ice-cold beer in hand. Just make sure you come back to Dirt n Dust Festival on your anniversary to celebrate.

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