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06 Apr 2019

Tri Camping - Julia Creek McIntyre Park

Here’s why, how and where you should book your tent at Julia creek Dirt n Dust Festival.

Adventure, camaraderie and spandex-infused campfire tales await when you camp out for a race—or a few days of focused training. Here’s why, how and where you should pitch a tent for your next triathlon or festival outing.

If you go off-road for your triathlon training and racing, you can really get off the grid. But you don’t have to be a wilderness devotee to immerse yourself in the great outdoors and reap the benefits of getting dirty. Any triathlete with a desire to shake things up and explore a new places with a campsite under the stars, and what better year to do it than 2019 “Year of the Outback”.

Camping makes racing more about the experience and journey and less about however many hours pass between the race start and finish,” says event manager Marion Lawrence. The best memories aren’t of the actual race— as most people want to forget the challenging outback triathlon they have run. It’s about the people and the place.”

In addition to the pleasure principle, camping for a triathlon can help you reframe your triathlon goals. What’s the end game? Having some fun with your racing—and just doing things differently—helps you recalibrate your mindset and maintain a healthy, balanced perspective. If you fear you’re suffering from tunnel-vision syndrome (focused purely on splits, rankings and podium positions), an off-beat tri outing could be just what you need. You might even forget that you’re there to race as you’re chatting with people you just met, or by just being away from the city can calm the mind,” Lawrence adds.

So now that we’ve convinced you to camp for your next race, here’s how you do it right.

Be prepared. Most rookie camper mistakes can be avoided with some Google-enabled education and enough planning. Staying organised is the most essential part of good preparation. “It’s a little harder to be organised out of the boot of your car or tent, so give yourself enough time to pack carefully and thoughtfully,” says Lawrence.

Sleep like a prince(ss). Nothing will turn you off from camping—or sabotage a race—like bad sleep. “If you’ve got a sleeping mat you’ve had in the shed since you were young and a sh*tty sleeping bag, you’re going to sleep four—or fewer—hours instead of your normal eight, and it’s not going to be a fun experience,” Lawrence says. A quality sleeping bag and swag are worthy investments, and don’t forget your sound-sleep accessories. Or book into our tent city and have everything totally set up for you. Yes, tent, stretcher beds, linen and pillows. Similarly, if you’re a light sleeper, birds chirping at sunrise or loud campers are going to disrupt your sleep. Bring earplugs. And a prince(ss) eye mask!

Make it social. Invite friends and be open to making new ones. One of the best aspects of the iconic Julia Creek McIntyre Park camp grounds —where all racers camp—is the camaraderie. Just like when you were a kid on school holidays, bonding and making memories with others just happens more easily when you’re gathered around a crackling campfire.

Bring your gadgets … it’s OK. Before heading out on a camping trip, load your tablet with a movie or two. “You find a lot more time in your day when you’re camping,” she says. “Even though you won’t be sitting there after the Carbo dinner, with food in your belly with nothing to do the night before a race, but it is ok to chill and just watch a movie.”

Put in a little preparation, pack an adventurous intrepid spirit, and you’ll have more fun than you ever imagined. So, pack the cars and go North West this year. You will love it and the outback communities will love it more.

3 Nights over the Festival ( Friday, Saturday and Sunday) $30 per person
17 and under free Toilet and Shower facilities

Payable in cash only at the gate - ask for any other duration options