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Bog Snorkelling

Prepare yourself for mud, laughs and plenty of dirty fun in the Australian Bog Snorkelling Championships…


While the festival’s PBR Bull Ride draws a crowd of thousands and the triathlon features more than 400 competitors, for sheer entertainment value, it is very hard to go past the Bog Snorkelling Championships!

The rules of the famous and ancient sport of Bog Snorkelling state you can’t use your hands or conventional swimming strokes, instead you must rely on flipper power alone, and if you lose that… bad luck. It has often been likened to a game of pinball with competitors often bouncing from side to side of the trench, whilst blowing out a steady stream of mud through their snorkel. Visibility is set to zero so the fear of what lies beneath will get you snorkelling to the finish line in record time. The first to the other end of the water/mud filled trench (aka the Bog Pit) is crowned the Bog Winner! Could it be you?

It goes against every instinct to put my head under water, but I do. I can’t see a thing. It's like swimming in a giant trench of chocolate milk, except it tastes like c#@p. – Adam Head