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PBR Bullriding

There are no time outs. No towels to throw in. Nothing, but try and hold on for 8 bone-shaking, desperate seconds!


Notorious for being Australia’s toughest triathlon the Julia Creek Dirt n Dust Festival also attracts the country’s toughest bull riders.

The annual Dirt n Dust PBR returns to Julia Creek this year for three hours of non-stop dangerous drama on dirt as the PBR’s insanely brave cowboys risk it all against the monstrous bulls that can weigh as much as 1,000kg.

Cowboys from all over Australia will converge at Dirt n Dust Central to try their best to take home over $10,000 in prize money plus a one of a kind Eddie Fisher championship buckle.

Like all PBR events, any one of the 20+ riders in the competition are able to step up on the night and deliver the winning ride. To ensure the competition is challenging, each rider will ride once with the top 10 scores from the Long Round qualifying back to the final and deciding Championship Round. The top 10 riders will then be randomly drawn against the top 10 bulls in the competition. The rider with the highest combined scores on two bulls will be crowned the winner.


Buckle up for 8 seconds of pure testosterone-filled adrenaline!